Freezing sperm


Why should I freeze my sperms?

By freezing and saving sperms, it is possible to preserve fertility, in the event of an external factor that may affect the man's infertility. If you wish to freeze sperms due to a serious illness, for example cancer, which is being treated via the county council, you will receive help through Karolinska, read more here.

A fertility investigation includes a sperm analysis as part of the investigation together with your partner.
If you do not want an investigation to be carried out, but want to have an analysis done yourself, this is also possible, but then you will have to finance the analysis yourself. The investigation will be the same as described below.

The process involved in sperm freezing

  1. Doctor’s appointment If you want to freeze your sperms, you first need to see a doctor who will go through the process with you. The doctor will ask you, among other things, about your medications and any diseases you could have that could affect the sample. You will also have to provide blood samples to rule out that you are carrying a contagious viral disease, such as hepatitis and HIV. You will also receive information about what to consider before providing a sample of your sperm. It is possible to provide a sample at the clinic or for you to take a container home with you, and then submit a sample.
  2. Diagnostic test/freezing You provide a sample at the start to see if freezing is possible, and if the quality is good, your sperms will be frozen immediately. The doctor you are seeing will then notify you of the results. The main focus is on your sperm count, their motility and volume. Should there be no sperm in the ejaculate or the sample does not comply with the freezing criteria, further investigations can be carried out, see PESA/TESA.

Using sperm that you left with us

If you have frozen sperms at the clinic, it can be used for IVF treatment or insemination.

Sperm lasts many years in the freezer.


Diagnostic semen analysis spermaanalys (prislista)
Sperm freezing (prislista)
There is then an annual cost for storing the frozen sperm tillkommer sedan en årlig kostnad för förvaring av nedfrusna spermier.