Privately funded care

Consultation before private treatment/new appointment

Consultation before private treatment/new appointment     
SEK 2 000 /person*

*Including blood tests, ultrasound examination, possible semen sample analysis and an additional appointment for test results and planning.

Cancellation must be made 24 hours before the appointment otherwise you will be charged for the appointment.

IVF treatment

1 IVF treatment
SEK 43 000*
IVF  treatment – 2 attempts
< 35 years SEK 65 000*

IVF treatment – 3 attempts

< 35 years SEK 80 000*
35-38 years SEK 87 000*

39-41 years SEK 91 000*

Frozen embryo transfer/FET
20 000 kr
*Excluding drug cost.

Embryo banking

Embryo banking including 1 year freezer storage 
SEK 36 000 

Freezer storage of after the first year

SEK 3 000 per year

Frozen embryo transfer/FET
SEK 20 000

IVF with donated sperm D-IVF

IVF with donated sperm – first treatment
SEK 53 000*
IVF with donated sperm – repeated treatment
SEK 44 000*
Frozen embryo transfer/FET
SEK 20 000

*and Pregnancy slot/right of use – mandatory one-time payment of SEK 7,000 (National Board of Health and Welfare's regulation that donated sperm is reserved for children for a maximum of six families).
*Psychologist fee see below.
*Excluding drug cost. 

Egg donation

Egg donation

SEK 95 000 

Double donation (both donor egg and sperm)
SEK 105 000

Frozen embryo transfer/FET
SEK 20 000

Egg freeze treatment

Egg freeze treatment – first treatment
SEK 34 000*
Egg freeze treatment – repeated treatment
SEK 29 500*

*Excluding drug cost. 

IVF with own frozen egg cells

IVF treatment with own frozen egg cells
SEK 26 000* 

IVF treatment with own frozen egg cells and donated sperm
SEK 34 000* 

*Fees that may apply 
- Pregnancy slot SEK 7,000 (fee charged by the National Board of Health and Welfare, mandatory one-off payment )
- Psychologist fee see below. 


Insemination donated sperms 1 treatment
SEK 18 000*  
Insemination donated sperms - package of 3 treatments
SEK 41 000*  
Insemination donated sperms - package of 4 treatments
SEK 51 500*

Insemination with spouse's sperm

Insemination with spouse/partner sperms
SEK 10 000*
*The fee includes ultrasound examinations if necessary, preparation of sperms and a follow-up appointment.

Freeze sperms

Freeze sperms 
SEK 6 000*

*Frozen sperm may be stored free of charge for one year from the first freezing date. Thereafter, an annual fee is paid according to the current price list.

Semen samples

Semen samples
SEK 4 000*

*The fee includes doctor's appointments, analysis of semen samples and feedback regarding test results.


SEK 11 000*

*The fee includes operational investigation of sperm count and possible freezing of sperm for 3 years.


Psychosocial investigation when undergoing treatment with donated sperm
SEK 2 500 person/ couple (in some cases 2 appointments are needed). 

Support consultation
For support consultation please contact the clinic for prices/information.


HSG SEK 3 000 

HSSG SEK 3 500 

Payment in instalments

Thanks to to our cooperation with Human Finans, you may now pay for your treatment with us in instalments.

You can make interest-free payments over periods of 3, 6 or 12 months. If you would prefer to have a lower monthly payment, you also have the option to pay over 36, 48, 60 or 72 months, but you will be charged interest.