Fertility investigation


When to seek help?

When a heterosexual couple has tried to conceive for more than 1 year without results, it is defined as involuntary infertility. Region Stockholm offers a fertility investigation which you can have done at Stockholm IVF. Some of the basic requirements for county council treatment for heterosexual couples are that you have been sexually active for at least 1 year without becoming pregnant, that you have been together for 2 years and that you live together. You can't have a child in common. The woman who will be carrying the child must be younger than 40 years of age and the man must be younger than 56 years of age. If you live in a same-sex relationship or are applying as a single person, please read the basic requirements for county-funded treatment here.  

If you do not meet the county council’s requirements, self-payment of treatment may be an option. Read more about it here under private consultation.

When should you seek help earlier?

If the woman who wishes to become pregnant is over 35 years of age and has either damaged Fallopian tubes (oviducts), endometriosis, complications following abdominal surgery, long intervals between periods, or difficulty determining ovulation, there may be reason to seek help earlier (after 6 months). If you as a man have had an injury or infection of the testicle or any disease that can damage sperm production, it may also be a reason to seek help earlier.

How long does an investigation take?

Our goal is for the fertility investigation to be completed within 1-2 months following the first appointment.

If you have initiated a study and you are not sure what the next step is/what is happening: please get in touch with us!

Fertility investigation by Region Stockholm (public health)What happens next?

Normally, a fertility investigation involves 3-4 appointments and is managed by our doctors. The cost is SEK 400 per person and appointment. Your free card may be used.


  1. The first appointment During your first appointment, you and your (possible) partner will talk to a doctor. The state of your health including work and mental health will be investigated along with whether there are any obvious causes of infertility such as illness, medication, heredity or surgery. A gynaecological examination will also be carried out with ultrasound. After the appointment, blood samples will be taken to check your thyroid (TSH) and egg cell reserve (AMH). You can have your blood samples taken here. Possible male partner submits samples of his semen at Karolinska Hopsital (see instruction here)
  2. The second appointment Examination of blood tests and possible semen samples. Depending on the test results, plans are made for the next stage of the study. If donated sperms are required, additional certificates must be attached for the doctor (find them here).
  3.  The third appointment Examination of the uterine cavity ("HSG") and possibly also the oviducts ("HSSG") of the person who will be carrying the child. The examination will involve the doctor carefully inserting a thin, soft tube through the cervix so that the tip of the tube ends up in the lower part of the uterine cavity. A saline solution is flushed in while the doctor performs an ultrasound examination. To check the oviducts, a saline solution with contrast bubbles is used. The examination takes about 10 minutes and is performed a few days after menstruation. For more information as to what to consider beforehand (link here).
  4.  The fourth appointment Review of results and continued planning. The investigation is complete. If you meet the requirements for Region Stockholm care, a referral will be sent to the division of Reproductive Medicine at Karolinska Hospital in Huddinge. Most people receive a response within 4 weeks, but current referral times can be checked by referring to the Reproduction Medicine website (link). Once you have received a letter of approval, you can revert back to us for help with assisted reproduction.


What happens next?

Once the referral is approved, it is time for you to make a care choice; to make an appointment with us click here.

We can usually offer appointments within 3-4 weeks.