About the clinic


Stockholm IVF

Our team of doctors has extensive experience in both IVF and general gynaecology. Our research and evidence-based approach leave a clear mark on our clinical work. Several employees at the clinic are active researchers. At Stockholm IVF we have extensive competence in both clinical work as well as modern research in infertility, reproductive medicine including new methods such as egg cell freezing and uterus transplantation. Our medical team is among the most experienced in Scandinavia regarding both primary gynaecological assessments as well as a second opinion including ultrasound.


Together we create long-term value for our patients by dealing with our patients in an excellent manner and through our high quality medical treatment. This produces satisfied patients with great chances of having children Tillsammans skapar vi ett långsiktigt värde för våra patienter med det goda patientbemötandet och vår höga kvalitet på medicinsk behandling. Detta ger nöjda patienter med stora chanser att få barn. 

About the company

Stockholm IVF AB started in 2014 and operations began in 2015. The company is under the umbrella of EUGIN, the world's second largest player in IVF with clinics in Europe, North Africa and South America. EUGIN is owned by Fresenius, a large German health company with an international profile.