Welcome to Stockholm IVF!

We investigate and treat infertility and gynaecological disorders. We offer privately funded care and we also have an agreement with Region Stockholm (public health), the free card system applies.  

What applies in your case?

Don't have children

Learn more about how we can help those people who don't already have children or want to have children with a new partner.

Read more about Region Stockholm (public health) treatment

Have children

Read more about how we can help those people who already have children or a child together.

Read more about private treatment

Want to freeze eggs or sperm

For those who for various reasons wish to preserve or prolong fertility. 

Read more about egg freezing

Read more about sperm freezing

Do you have gynaecological problems?

Stockholm IVF also has a care agreement with Region Stockholm (public health) for the treatment of gynaecological disorders such as menopausal symptoms, cytology changes (abnormal Pap smear), pain, etc.    

You can book an appointment with a gynaecologist via 08-420 036 00    


Stockholm IVF

Stockholm IVF is the Nordic region’s leading private IVF clinic within research and treatment facilities linked to fertility and childlessness and offers new methods such as egg cell freezing and investigations prior to uterus transplantation.

Hammarby allé 93, 120 63 Stockholm
Tel: + 46 8 420 036 09