Fertility investigation


Private Consultation

If you already have a child you are welcome for a private consultation to look at the prospects to achieve pregnancy for a second child, but with the restriction that the woman should be less than 43 years old and the partner should be less than 56 years old. The consultation is usually divided into two visits.

The total cost per person is 2000 SEK.

These items are included: ultrasound examination of ovaries and uterus,
hormone tests, analysis of sperm sample, as well as a second consultation
to discuss all the results and possibly to plan for assisted reproduction

  1. At the first consultation you will meet a doctor to go through your health history, including type of work environment, concomitant/previous diseases, past/present psychological problems, as well as specific questions in relation to infertility, such as diseases/infections, medication and surgery. The woman will undergo a gynaecological examination including ultrasound assessment of ovaries and uterus. After the visit each of you will be asked to provide a blood sample for analyses of specific hormones and to assure that you are not carrying any serious virus disease that may affect assisted reproduction. The male partner will not undergo any examination but will be asked to provide a sperm sample any coming day for analysis of quantity and motility of sperms.
  2. At the second consultation you will be informed coincernkjng al mthye test results. The doctor will also discuss and suggest the best typeof assisted reproduction for you; se below.:
    - IVF
    - Insemination
    D-IVF (IVF with donor sperms)
The prices of the various treatments are listed here.

Additional costs that may apply?

  • Medication for hormonal stimulation.
  • If you will conduct assisted reproduction with donor gametes (oocytes/sperms) you have to undergo a visit to a psychologist in order to show an understanding of the use of gametes from open donor and to make sure that the prospective child will grow up in a sound environment. Usually, only one visit to the psychologist is required. The price for the visit to the psychologist is given here.

Additional items

  • The types of certificates that should be submitted are specified here.
  • Prior to insemination, we recommend to examine that the passage through the oviducts is normal. Further information about this examination is given here.