Our team


Mats Brännström, Professor, MD, PhD

Internationally leading scientist and clinician in reproductive medicine and gynecology. Completed his PhD in 1988, exploring the biochemical mechanisms behind mammalian ovulation. He did his post doc for three years at University of Adelaide, where he opened up the new research field of the local ovarian immune system. After completion of his residency training in obstetrics and gynecology at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden he started his training in gynecologic oncology surgery with a fellowship at Royal Adelaide Hospital in 1998. He is professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at University of Gothenburg since 2003. During the last two decades he has been active as a team-leader and PhD supervisor for research in infertility and reproductive physiology. He has been the main supervisor for 20 PhD theses and is the team-leader behind the world´s first successful uterus transplantation, with a live birth in september, 2014. Clinically involved in advanced gynecologic surgery, including robotic surgery, as well as infertility investigations for several years



Karin Rova, Överläkare




Farnosh Zakerkish, Specialistläkare, Doktorand 




Jan Rapp, Specialistläkare



Milan Milenkovic, Överläkare, Medicine Doktor



Randa Akouri, ST-läkare, Medicine Doktor



Gerasimos Tzortzatos, Överläkare, Medicine Doktor



Linda Bjärgestad Lamp, Avdelningschef/Leg.Sjuksköterska



Linda Svensson, Legitimerad sjuksköterska



Lovisa Bergfeldt, Barnmorska, Leg. sjuksköterska



Seidi Törnsten, Undersköterska




Mona Sheikhi, Chief Embryologist, MSc, Phd

Molecular biologist with many years of experience from Karolinska University and private IVF clinics. Very experienced in all aspects of assisted reproduction. Did her thesis on freezing of eggcells and is one of the leading european embryologists in this field.



Karin Dahlgren, Embryolog



Wesam Alnahal, Embryolog, Master i Embryologi