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A brand new clinic located in Hammarby Sjöstad in central Stockholm

The steps of an IVF cycle
To help you understand the treatment process we have written a simplified explanation of the steps of an IVF treatment.


Stockholm IVF


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Mats Brännström at TEDxGöteborg

Welcome to Stockholm IVF clinic

Our team of doctors and embryologist is very experienced both in IVF and in general gynecology. Our research-based approach to tackle the clinical problems of infertility goes back to the 1970s and 1980s, when associate professor Lars Nilsson and professor Mats Brännström conducted studies on ovarian physiology. All doctors and embryologists at Stockholm IVF are active in research, as senior researchers or as PhD students. Lars Nilsson was an important member of the team at Sahlgrenska University Hospital that conducted the IVF treatment leading to the first IVF baby in Scandinavia in 1982. We have research and clinical experience in most facets of reproductive medicine including new modalities such as fertility preservation and uterus transplantation. Our experienced team is well suited both for primary gynecologic investigations as well as second opinion gynaecological examinations, including ultrasound.



Latest news

November 5, 2018

Stockholm IVF – important part of global leading IVF operator

Stockholm IVF is an important part of NMC Fertility, a globally leading provider of fertility treatments with 41 clinics located throughout the world.

October 7, 2017

Associated Press (AP) visited Stockholm IVF clinic

Associated Press (AP) visited Stockholm IVF clinic last week and talked to professor Mats Brännström about uterus transplantation.



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